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Scalecoat 2

Scalecoat II Paint

Scalecoat II Paint is formulated for use on plastic. It can be sprayed directly on to these surfaces; a primer is not required. Depending on the color, Scalecoat II will cover in just one thin coat. When fully cured, this paint is very durable; it will not chip or scrape off. It can be applied with a paintbrush or with and airbrush. For the best result applying this paint with an airbrush is highly recommended.

Recommended Application Steps:
  1. Disassemble the model completely.
  2. Thoroughly clean all parts to be painted, using any type of household cleanser or cleaner such as Dawn™ detergent or any degreasing type cleaner. Clean and rinse with extremely hot water. Oven dry or air-dry all parts.
  3. When painting with a paintbrush, no thinning of the paint is required. When airbrushing, the recommended air pressure is 18 to 25 psi.
  4. Using Scalecoat thinner, thin paint to at least a 2 to 1 ratio. Note that the amount of thinner can vary with the color. Some thicker pigments, such as reds and oranges in particular, may require slightly more thinner. A good starting point is generally two (2) parts paint to one (1) part thinner. Test spray on the inside of the model to see if the paint is thinned properly before applying it to your model.
  5. When applying the paint with an airbrush use even strokes at a distance of about 6 inches away from the model. Move your entire arm from the elbow not just your wrist. This will provide a spray pattern with full coverage. Always begin and end off of the model. Do not begin or end spraying directly on the model.
  6. If more than one color is to be applied, wait at least 20 minutes between colors.
  7. Because of Scalecoat’s high gloss finish it will accept decals without a gloss overcoat.
  8. To protect the finish and hide any decal film, use Scalecoat Gloss or Flat Finish, they are compatible. For a nice satin finish we recommend a 2/3 gloss to 1/3 flat mixture. Whatever overcoat you choose, thin it with Scalecoat thinner. The mixture should be a ratio of at least 1 part overcoat to 1 part thinner, a 50/50 mixture.

2oz Bottles
2oz Bottles
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