G-Wiz LC

GWiz LC is our lowest cost unit, at a suggested retail of $89.95. It is an acceleration only unit that is capable of deploying a recovery device at apogee, and, either igniting clustered motors at launch or second stage motors at burnout (jumper selectable). Integrated altitude will be displayed at landing. -*- Pyro output 1 - Jumper select between Launch detect (for clusters) and Burnout detect (for staging) -*- Pyro output 2 - Fires at Apogee detect. Apogee detection is always based on Accelerometer data, and is not subject to problems with Mach transition. -*- Pyro output 3 (LC Deluxe only) - Fires at a fixed low altitude. 400? and 800? units available. -*- Status LED shows readiness at launch, and maximum altitude upon landing. Altitude is calculated on LC, and Barometrically based (more accurate) on Deluxe. -*- 2 (LC) or 3 (LC Deluxe) Continuity LEDs show continuity of device on Pyro output. Flashbulb safe. -*- Analog to Digital converter reads accelerometer and barometric (Deluxe only) sensors to 8 bit precision. Equivalent to about 100 ft/count barometric, or .5 G per count acceleration. -*- High performance RISC processor uses proprietary techniques to calculate altitude properly. It does not rely on linear simplifications, but follows atmospheric pressure to altitude models very closely. -*- High current FET driven pyro outputs are capable of delivering up to 8 amps for a full second, each. Outputs capable of delivering up to 50 amps are available on request. -*- Uses 2 batteries to ensure that the battery driving the pyro output does not interfere with the computer. -*- Positive retention header is standard. -*- Unit dimensions: 3.9” x 0.7”

Price: $86.65
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Manufactured by G-WIZ

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